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Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities 

How to Apply
All applications for employment, for both certificated and classified positions, must be submitted on-line through the EDJOIN website.  After completing the EDJOIN profile, applicants can apply for multiple positions without having to fill out duplicate paperwork. If you do not have access to the internet and/or do not understand how to submit an on-line application, a computer is available in the Human Resources Office where our staff will assist you in submitting your application.

Detailed information and instructions for submitting your on-line application are available on the EDJOIN web site. If you are not already registered with EDJOIN, you will be prompted to select a username and password. You should save and protect this username and password for future access to EDJOIN.

Once you are logged on to EDJOIN you may access the Alameda County Office of Education vacancies by sorting by the districts in Alameda County.

All required documentation, including letters of reference, should be scanned or converted to .pdf format and included as attachments.  If you do not have access to a scanner, one is available in the Human Resources Office and our staff will be pleased to assist you. Please do not submit any paper documentation unless specifically directed to do so by the Human Resources Office.

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Classified Openings

Applicants for classified positions are normally required to complete a written examination for the indicated vacancies. The date, time & location of that examination are indicated on the vacancy notice form on the EDJOIN site.

Employment Information

If you would like additional information or assistance you may contact the Human Resources Office at (510) 670-7726.


Equal Opportunity Employer

The Alameda County Office of Education is an Equal Opportunity Employer grounded by the Merit System, which adheres to the process of promoting and hiring employees based on their ability to fulfill the job requirement.

Why work for ACOE?

ACOE leads with a student-centered vision, innovating in the classroom and building safe and supportive community schools. We collaborate and partner with local, county, and state agencies to address challenges students face.

ACOE directly educates and supports students who are justice-involved, expelled, parenting teens, foster or homeless youth, infants with special needs, and other students who are not being served by schools. We also provide support to over 215,000 students and 12,000 teachers across 18 school districts.

We are looking for individuals who can enact our vision: equipping the most vulnerable students and those who serve them with the tools to thrive. Join our team as we reimagine services to more holistically support students and erase the predetermination of failure for children, especially Alameda County’s most marginalized youth.

Need Assistance?

Certificated Applications

Margaret daSilva
Human Resources Manager
(510) 670-4202

Classified Applications

Sherry Causey
Senior Personnel Services Specialist
(510) 670-7726

EdJoin Assistance

Contact Form
Help Desk 
(800) 398-9580