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ACOE CIvics Mock Trials

Civics Education

ACOE's History Social Science and Civic Engagement program promotes inclusive and equitable History/Social Science instruction for all students in K-12.  We offer professional learning experiences and assistance to align with the 2016 History/Social Science California Frameworks focused on the development of literacy, inquiry, content, and civic learning for all students.

The program works with small teams of teachers within a school district and between school districts to share and develop best practices.In order to support program development, we provide support to instructional leaders in the development and use of materials that promote critical thinking and civic action.

Areas of Work

2016 History/Social Science CA Frameworks


The 2016 History/Social Science CA frameworks focuses on building the following four areas within Social Science Education for all students. 

  • Inquiry- Building critical thinking skills within students to ask and answer key historical questions
  • Literacy- Build strategies to deconstruct complex texts including primary resources
  • Civics- Engage as Civically engaged learners in their communities.
  • Content- Reflect the diverse population and history of CA

CA History/Social Science Frameworks

Alameda County Mock Trial

The Mock Trial competition is a countywide high school criminal trial competition designed to increase an understanding of the judicial system and the processes necessary to create a just society. This national event, sponsored in CA by Teach Democracy (formerly the Constitutional Rights Foundation), allows students an opportunity to engage in civic discourse about issues that impact society. Each team works with a teacher and attorney coach to prepare their version of the criminal case. As students assume the roles of attorneys, witnesses, clerks, and bailiffs, they learn team cooperation, public speaking, and critical thinking. New teams form in the summer/early fall each school year!

2023-2024 Mock Trial Winners

Alameda County History Day

After many years of hosting the Alameda County History Day competition, we have made an informed decision to shift our programmatic focus to better serve our diverse student population. While academic competitions have been a valuable extracurricular activity for a small subset of students, the mission of the County Office is to serve a wider range of students and promote experiences that are authentic and relevant to their needs.

The Alameda County Office of Education will therefore no longer host the annual History Day competition.  

This decision does not preclude schools and districts from hosting their own local History Day competition. 

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