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Early Learning (+LPC)

Early Learning

The Early Learning Department at the ACOE has strengthened the foundation and provides support in building, expanding, and implementing an interconnected early learning system that supports PreK-3rd grade coherence

Our early learning vision and strategies include guiding Alameda County early learning leaders in further development, and for other districts, launching a cohesive early learning system that contributes to narrowing the achievement gap of our youngest learners. Our vision is that every district is prepared to provide quality programming, curriculum, and activities so that children thrive during the pre-kindergarten to transitional kindergarten/kindergarten years. We support cross-grade level and cross-sector events that formalize decision-making roles and responsibilities; and through a strategic plan grounded in evidence-based practice, we work to address the achievement gap and improve outcomes for our youngest learners.

Early Learning also supports and includes representation at the local, regional and state level for those serving the 0-5 population through the Quality Rating Improvement System known as Quality Counts

Our professional development opportunities include:

  • Building the capacity of early educators in districts and community-based early learning programs to serve children with special needs, and their families.
  • Implementing Equity Practices and Anti-bias Education in Early Learning Settings
  • Supporting Multilingual Learners
  • The Power of Play


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Edirle Menezes, Ph.D.Edirle Menezes, Ph.D.
Director, Early Learning
(510) 670-7714


My Nguyen-Soy, M.A.My Nguyen-Soy, M.A.
Program Manager, Early Learning
(510) 670-4190


Crystal Turner, M.S.Crystal Turner, M.S.
Program Manager, Early Learning
(510) 670-4238


Lucero Irizarry, M.A.Lucero Irizarry, M.A.
Program Manager, Early Learning (LPC)
(510) 670-4594


Adriene Metoyer-LeonardAdriene Metoyer-Leonard
Administrative Assistant
(510) 670-4119


Alondra BriseñoAlondra Briseño
Administrative Assistant
(510) 670-4213