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District Business & Advisory Services

District Business and Advisory Services

District Business and Advisory Services provides business services to school districts and related educational entities in Alameda County. We serve as a financial hub for the processing of fiscal, budgetary, and related statistical reports, and advise on school business and financial operations.

Special emphasis is given to small school districts with limited business office staff.

District Advisory Services

  • Reviews district budgets and interim reports for compliance with state criteria and standards, as well as fiscal solvency.
  • Provides training and assistance in school finance and related areas.
  • Reviews and calculates deferred maintenance, tax override, and bond interest and redemption.
  • Coordinates and reviews state-mandated reports.
  • Provides financial management and support to small direct-service school districts.
  • Reviews district LCAPs for fiscal compliance.

District Business Services

  • Acts as liaison between school districts and Alameda County Auditor-Controller’s Office on fiscal matters.
  • Reconciles and monitors school district cash accounts with the Alameda County Treasurer’s Office.
  • Distributes property taxes and state apportionments.
  • Processes district accounts payable and payroll warrants.
  • Posts budgets and maintains financial statements for all districts.
  • Coordinates student attendance, reporting between school districts and state.

Contact Us

Shirene Moreira
District Business & Advisory Services
(510) 670-4192

Hannah Gradowski
Executive Assistant
District Business & Advisory Services
(510) 670-4235

Joan Laursen
Director III
District Business & Advisory Services
(510) 670-4220

Julia Xu
Director II
District Advisory Services
(510) 670-4195

Shailesh Regmi
Director II
District Business Services
(510) 670-7789