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About ACOE

About The Alameda County Office of Education

A person kneels next to a sign that reads "Alameda County Superintendent of Schools".

The Alameda County Office of Education (ACOE), under the leadership of County Superintendent of Schools Alysse Castro, serves as a liaison between the California Department of Education and the 18 Alameda County public school districts that serve more than 211,000 students and 12,000 teachers. ACOE provides oversight of district budgets and Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAPs). As an education leadershup agency, ACOE also provides training and support services for educators. We also serve as an alternative education school district and provide programs to Alameda County's most vulnerable students

ACOE directly operates Court Schools at the Juvenile Justice Center, ACOE Opportunity Academy schools serving students 16 and older seeking a high school diploma, and Community Schools that serve foster youth, students in substance abuse treatment, parenting teens, Probation-referred youth, and students expelled from their resident school districts. ACOE also runs the Infant & Family Support Program, which provides individualized service for children from birth to three years and their families. 


Equip the Most Vulnerable Students &
Those Who Serve Them with the Tools to Thrive





We innovate to address the pervasive issues obstructing the well-being of all students in Alameda County.
We equip the most vulnerable students and those who serve them with the tools to thrive, erasing the predetermination of failure for children from communities of violence and poverty.


Centering our priority student populations 

Differentiating supports for the most struggling 
   students & systems

Maximizing resources & minimizing pain points

Creating a culture of innovation


What County Offices of Education Do

Past Superintendents

California established the position of Superintendent of Public Instruction (often referred to as the Superintendent of Schools) in 1851., Here is a list of past superintendents based on available records:

L. K. Monroe (2014–2022)

Sheila Jordan (1998–2013)

August Scornaienchi (1992–1998)

William Berck (1984–1992)

Robert C. Coney (1979–1984)

Rock La Fleche (1958–1978)



Charles L. Wood (1891–1895)

Frank K. Mott (1895–1903)

W. A. Bissell (1903–1907)

J. W. McClymonds (1907–1915)

Fred J. Quick (1915–1923)

Walter Mendenhall (1923–1927)

Fred J. Quick (1927–1931)

Thomas C. Leonard (1931–1935)

Leon L. Fish (1935–1943)